Purchase Information

When making an inquiry or placing a print order, please be sure to provide the image number, which is displayed in the caption when you view photo galleries. You will need to pause the slide show or advance the images manually in order to see captions. Also, please indicate the print size that you are interested (from chart below) and when you need to receive the print. I will provide delivery information and payment options in my response to your email.

Print making is critical to bringing out the intended tonality and color of an image. Permanency is also an important consideration. Therefore, I personally make my own prints with archival inks on archival paper.

5" X 7" print on 8" x 10" matt $18 $45
8" X 10" print on 11" x 14" matt $35 $75
11" X 14"print on 16" x 20" matt $95 $165
16" X 20" print on 24" x 30" matt $250 $350
  1. Print sizes are approximate and may vary due to cropping appropriate for a specific image.
  2. Matting is in standard frame sizes on 4-ply archival gallery white.
  3. Standard framing is with Neilson contrast grey metal framing with glass or Plexiglas.
  4. Other print sizes, matting & framing options may be available upon request.
  5. Sales within New York are subject to Sales Tax.
  6. Shipping & handling charges may apply.
  7. Prices subject to change without notification.